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For the BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, and Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), and Novavax (Nuvaxovid) vaccines, two doses are required for you to be considered fully vaccinated (recommendation by the National Vaccination Board). Depending on the vaccine, these are the gaps between doses: BioNTech/Pfizer 3-6 weeks, Moderna 3-6 weeks, Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) 4-8 weeks, and Novavax (Nuvaxovid) 3-6 weeks. You will start developing antibodies after the first dose and protection will set in three weeks after. For full, sustainable protection, the second dose as well as a booster dose after a specified time is required. After the second dose, it will take around 7 days until your body has built up sufficient immunity to protect you from an infection. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the National Vaccination Board also recommends that you get a second vaccine. Please note that the second dose should be a mRNA vaccine (BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna). Upon explicit request, it is also possible to receive another dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as a second dose. You should wait at least 2 months after your first dose of Johnson & Johnson before getting the second one.