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Please start by asking relatives or friends if they can take you to a vaccination site. If this is not possible, a transport service or patient transport is available. You have to apply for either option at your general practitioner’s practice (family doctor). 

You must cover the cost for the transport service yourself and also organise your appointment yourself. In case of absolutely imperative medical reasons, the costs for this transport may be covered by your insurance if you submit the relevant permit notice afterwards. 

You must also organise the patient transport yourself. If you have a transport permit from your general practitioner (family doctor), your insurance will cover the cost of the transport. If you do not have valid insurance, or if you have not received a transport permit, you can still request a transport, however, you must cover the costs yourself. 

If you have received a permit, you can either call 1450 to make a vaccination appointment, or you can go to a walk-in vaccination site to get your vaccination there.