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For vaccination certificates to be accepted within the 2 G rule in Austria, the COVID-19 vaccines must be approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). If, however, you have received your vaccination with a vaccine that is not EMA-approved (i.e. Sputnik V), the National Vaccination Board recommends that you do a test for neutralising antibodies and then get one shot of one of the EMA-approved mRNA vaccines (BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna). There should be at least one month between the previous vaccination regime and your new dose. On a European level, neutralising antibodies are not part of the certificates in the Green Pass. For this reason, you will receive a vaccination certificate for one shot, with the information “vaccine 1 of 2”, which does not yet confirm active immunisation. Within Austria and for travelling to Austria, you must be able to present a proof of neutralising antibodies on top of the vaccination certificate. You must cover the costs for the test for neutralising antibodies yourself. This combination as a 2 G certificate is valid for 270 days as of the day of the vaccination.  

If you wish, you may also receive the mRNA vaccines according to the usual vaccination scheme consisting of 2 doses; however, an increase in side effects cannot be ruled out in such a case. After you have received the second dose, your vaccination certificate as a 2 G certificate will be valid for 270 days, under the condition that there were at least 14 days between the two doses.