UKRAINE: Free vaccinations for Ukrainians at ACV (Austria Center Vienna – PDF) 

УКРАЇНА: Безкоштовні щеплення в AUSTRIA CENTER VIENNA (pdf – формат) для українців! 



  • VidPrevtyn Beta (Sanofi Pasteur MSD) – only available at ACV (Austria Center Vienna)
  • Novavax is now available again – only at ACV (Austria Center Vienna)
  •  Vaccinations for infants and small children (from 6 months of age to 5th birthday)
  • From now on, children from the age of 5 years can get an adapted (bivalent) BA.4/5 Pfizer children’s vaccine for their 3rd dose from now on.


Closure: The vaccination centre at Martinstraße (in the 18th district) will close from 1 March 2023.