Can I just turn up for a vaccination without an appointment?

You must register for a vaccination at the following vaccination centres in the City of Vienna:

• Town Town vaccination centre run by the Public Health Services of the City of Vienna

It is not currently possible to book appointments for local district health authorities. See the relevant vaccination centre for other vaccination providers.

Can I reschedule my vaccination appointment?

Yes. Cancel your old appointment and book a new one.

I'm ill. Can I still be vaccinated?

The doctor will make this decision when they see you.
If you have an acutely high fever, you should reschedule.

My whole family needs to be vaccinated this year. Can I bring my whole family with me?

Up to 5 people can be vaccinated per appointment.
Further appointments should be booked for groups larger than 5 people.
Please provide the names of every person requiring a vaccination when booking the appointment.

I'd like to get vaccinated. But I'm worried about the side effects.

Information on the possible side effects will be provided before each vaccination.

How long will my appointment be?

There is no set time. Please arrive for your appointment in good time and bring all of the relevant documents with you: e-card, photo ID, vaccination pass, available vaccination titre checks, information on your travel itinerary if travelling. A questionnaire must be completed on arrival prior to the appointment; please leave sufficient time to do this (recommendation: 10 minutes).

When should I arrive for my vaccination appointment?

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to allow you sufficient time to complete your vaccination questionnaire.

Can I do strenuous activity after a vaccination?

Please avoid any strenuous activities on the day of the vaccination. Please do not partake in any intensive sports (performance sports, intensive endurance training), any visits to the sauna and anything which may be a strain on your body, for 1 week following the vaccination. Heavy perspiration and intensive sport could impair the effects of the vaccination. Children and young people may however partake in PE lessons and adults in general sports.

How do I pay for the vaccination?

You can pay for your vaccination in cash at the local district health authorities run by the Public Health Services of the City of Vienna.

You can pay with cash or use a bank or credit card at the Town Town vaccination centre for the Public Health Services of the City of Vienna.

Please enquire about the payment options at all of the other vaccination centres prior to your appointment.

I don't have any health insurance. Can I still be vaccinated?

You do not need any health insurance for vaccinations at the City of Vienna vaccination centres.

How high is the excess for vaccinations?

There is no excess for vaccinations at the City of Vienna vaccination centres. There are free vaccinations following the child vaccination programme and vaccinations liable to costs.

Does vaccinating cost additional money?

Vaccinations within the confines of the free child vaccination programme, and the measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations for every person are free at City of Vienna vaccination centres and with registered doctors participating in the child vaccination programme.

There may be a vaccination fee and consultancy fee for any other vaccinations depending on vaccination provider. You can find out the costs for these via the relevant vaccination centre. Administration and consultancy fees are already included in the prices for the local district health authorities and the Town Town vaccination centre.

I have a chronic illness. Which vaccinations can I and should I have?

Speak to the doctor treating you. They will explain which vaccinations are available to you, which are essential and which would be sensible.

Are you currently undergoing chemotherapy or taking medication, which weakens your immune system, or biologics? Or have you received a donated organ? Then please visit the special clinic for vaccinations, travel and tropical medicine: 1090 Vienna, Kinderspitalgasse 15, Telephone 01 40160 – 38280.

I'm pregnant. Can and should I be vaccinated?

Please make an appointment once you have reached 12 weeks of pregnancy (from the second trimester). Vaccinations before the twelfth week of pregnancy, with a few exceptions, are not recommended. Please consult a medical specialist.