HPV vaccination (human papilloma virus)

Recommended vaccination schedule for children and young people

HPV – free vaccination between 9th and 12th birthday:

For children aged 9 to 11 years (from the 9th to 12th birthday), this vaccination is available free of charge in Austria. Two successive doses are required.

Children can also get vaccinated against HPV after their 12th birthday, but then the vaccination is not free of charge anymore.

HPV – vaccination from 12th to 21st birthday:

From 1 February 2023, the vaccination against HPV will probably also be free of charge in Austria for children, young people and young adults from the 12th to 21st birthday. The Austrian Vaccination Plan recommends two doses for this age group. From the 15th birthday, this vaccination pattern is recommended on the basis of current scientific data (off-label), in deviation from the official vaccine approval.

Until 1 February 2023, HPV catch-up vaccinations are available at a reduced (cost) price at the vaccination centre Impfservice Town Town.

Alternatively, it is now also possible to get the catch-up vaccinations from your doctor in private practice, as part of a vaccination programme launched by the Austrian Medical Chamber and the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists. (source: Impfplan Österreich 2022). Further information is available on the website of the Austrian Medical Chamber (Ärztekammer) or from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Nursing and Consumer Protection.

Vaccination schedule between the 9th and 21st birthday:

1st dose: from the 9th birthday
2nd dose: at least 6 months (and up to 12 months) after the first dose.

If the 2nd dose was administered sooner than 5 months after the first dose, it is always necessary to get a third dose (after 6-8 months).

Vaccination schedule from the 21st birthday and for immunosuppressed patients 

From the 21st birthday, the HPV vaccination is recommended for equivalent individual protection in a 3-dose schedule, with the 2nd dose administered 2 months after 1st dose, and the 3rd dose 6-8 months after the 2nd dose. A longer interval between the 2nd and 3rd vaccination optimises antibody formation and long-term immunity. However, the vaccination series should be completed within one year in any case.

For immunosuppressed and immunocompromised persons, the 3-dose schedule applies regardless of age.

If you have missed a HPV vaccination

If you have missed a vaccination against HPV9, it is important that you get the missed dose as soon as possible. Up to the 21st birthday, two doses are sufficient, people over 21 also require a third dose. If a person has only been administered HPV4 once up until their 21st birthday, they need to get two more doses of HPV9 subsequently.

The HPV vaccination virtually provides full (100 percent) immunity from about 90 percent of all HP virus types causing cervical cancer. Current data shows that the immune reaction triggered last very long; currently there are no recommendations for booster shots against HPV.

List of doctors in private practice taking part in the children’s vaccination programme.

Information and medical advice 

You are 21 years or older, and want to be safe from HPV? Please turn to your family doctor or gynaecologist for expert advice.

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