What is typhus?

Typhus is severe diarrhoea caused by bacteria. The illness starts 3 to 60 days from the time of contracting the virus in the form of faintness, loss of appetite, headaches, aching limbs and constipation. The body temperature slowly rises and usually reaches 40 degrees after one week. Those affected then become increasingly dizzy. Only after approximately 2 weeks does it turn into diarrhoea similar to pea purée. Should it result in an intestinal rupture and peritonitis, the condition can be fatal.

Treatment is given in the form of antibiotics and supportive measures. Typhus is most prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical countries. It is transmitted via smear infection and often via contaminated water – on and in food such as salad and ice.

Vaccination advice for children, adults and young people

The Austrian Vaccination Plan recommends the typhus vaccination most notably prior to travelling to tropical and sub-tropical countries with poor hygiene conditions (e.g. unsafe drinking water, poor waste water management). The greatest risk exists in India and South-East Asia.

Two different types of typhus vaccine are available:

Single vaccination: Not before the age of 2

Period of protection: approx. 3 years

An oral vaccination with mild living bacteria from the age of 6: 3 vaccine capsules which are each taken 2 days apart

Period of protection: 1 – 3 years

The vaccination does not offer complete protection.

Information and consultancy service

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