Taking part in the child vaccination programme

The national child vaccination programme, run by the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection, offers children and young people free vaccinations up until they reach the age of 15. The federal government, the states and social insurance finance this programme collectively.

This programme also guarantees a free measles, mumps and rubella vaccination for all age groups (e.g. at public vaccination centres or registered doctors, provided that they are taking part in the free child vaccination programme).

The summary of practices and registered doctors in Vienna already taking part in the free child vaccination programme can be found using this link..

If you’re interested in taking part in the free child vaccination programme, please complete the and send it to the Public Health Services of the City of Vienna by post or via email.

Should you not wish to be published in the summary of practices for your district, please complete the Opt Out Declaration.

Informationen zur Teilnahme und zum Ablauf entnehmen Sie dem Informationsblatt, oder Sie kontaktieren den Gesundheitsdienst Team Epidemievorsorge unter der Telefonnummer: 01/4000-87503 oder 87544, oder per E-Mail: epidemievorsorge@ma15.wien.gv.at

Vaccinations for children from 0 to 6

Vaccinations for children from 6 to 15